Sunday, September 9, 2012

For The Love of Colors

Black, is not that I don't love you any more but I think we need a break. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

A polka dots' love story

I am so in love I can't hardly breathe.  That is how I am feeling towards fall's polka dot pieces.  Even the cute Mark Jacobs' stockings - which I know will look horrendous on my height- I am dying to try.  Stella, Marc, and Diane, you made my heart stop!!!! I, that always felt like this whimsical print was destined to stay within the vintage boundaries, can't stop thinking how modern it looks for this fall.  Even vintage polka dot pieces now seem, somehow, new.  All this passion of course took its natural route in direction to the next shop, and because it is not fall yet, I got myself a 50's polka dot one-piece that I think is the epitome of modern.   


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Acne Paper

Finally the 12th issue (summer 2011) of the Acne Paper is out, and it is incredible!!!! It is a big volume that screams beauty, culture, and fashion in all its forms.  The photos are breathtaking and the articles are inspiring.  Did I say that the theme of the issue is youth? So Acne, right?  I loved the luxurious feeling of the large pages in my hands, and the effect that the matte paper has on the photos.   Plus, it is really easy to buy it and ship it to the US at the Acne website (, and it costs only $15 (without shipping).  Mine arrived in 3 days.  

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The First One

 Finally, I managed to get over my computer phobia to start a more practical way to do my moodboard (Planche de Tendance in French).  Every season I would fill my cork board with everything that is inspirational, beautiful and desirable to me that season, but by the end of each season I had to save in my heart all the things I loved, and clear my moodboard for all the newness to come.  Tired of throwing away all the photos and pieces of magazines and newspapers collected I decided that it was time to say hello to the blog scene so here I am.  

 This is my first post so I should start from the beginning, and for me it all began with a tailored pajamas that my mother had.

 I have always admired my mom's elegance and sense of style.  She had a closet full of old pieces from the 70's and 80's that I treasured so much.  One day looking through it I found a cotton pajamas in a creamy white color with very light and thin brown stripes.  The cotton was so good and soft, it felt like silk.  Later my mom told me that it was by an old French brand.  I started to ponder if she used to wear it to sleep, or if she would go out with it.  I decided to try it.  The pajamas were much covered and tailored than my typical teenager clothing, and I immediately felt tall, elegant, and even mysterious.  It fitted like nothing I have ever tried before.  I put my hands on the pockets, and noticed that even with the loose fit it gave me a flattering shape.  I thought of myself as an actress in an old 40's movie.  I was hooked.  I put some high heels, and the trill of having discovered something so beautiful and so different from what all my friends and I were wearing never left my mind.  From that day on I started to beg for anything that my mom was willing to give me from her old clothing closet.

 That is how I discovered my love for fashion, and for the power that good fabric has when mixed with good  tailoring and a creative design.  I got addicted to this magic that is capable of transporting us to another time, place, and more important, mood, that is so unique to fashion.

 Before someone asks, NO, I have no idea where the pajamas are.  I have been thinking about them since Prada and Dolce and Gabbana brought them back in 2008 and 2009, and Karl Lagerfeld dressed Audrey Tautou in a magnificent one for Coco Avant Chanel but now more than ever after I saw the beautiful examples that Derek Lam, Louis Vuitton, and Celine showed for Resort 2012.  I also found a less expensive alternative at Tommy Hilfiger and a photo of the Olsen sisters wearing very cute polka-dot version by Tom Ford.  I am crazy to try one of them, and see if I will feel as tall and elegant as I felt in my mom's pajamas.